Republican Councilman Identifies As Native American Lesbian, Leftists Mad

( – A white councilman from Indiana is triggering Democrats and their supporters after declaring his authentic true self to be a lesbian woman of color. Republican Ryan Webb, representing Delaware County wrote a controversial Facebook post declaring himself an Indian American woman who is attracted to other women, and thus he’s a lesbian.

Critical commenters called him “pathetic” and an embarrassment to himself and the city council, the one man who made those remarks did so while appearing severely overweight and while presenting as a woman himself. Charlize Jamieson also identifies as transgender and believes Webb’s presentation is “inciting hate” while calling for his resignation.

Is the fact Webb is a Republican the reason for this blatant denial? Perhaps, his lack of using she/her pronouns or caricaturing female dress and hairstyles is to blame. In his announcement post, Webb celebrated the addition of a woman of color onto the city council, while also being thrilled that he’s simultaneously the only member to identify as “LGBTQIAPC+++.”

His post included multiple emojis, including the American flag, the rainbow flag, a winking face, and a flexed arm. In a follow-up post, he declared himself the first lesbian woman of color on the council for its entire history. Webb said he was “honored” to be the one to “shatter that glass ceiling.”

The post invited a firestorm of angry comments and leftist tears. Calling him unserious, Jamieson said he “I know better,” regarding Webb’s announcement. Continuing, he claimed Webb has a history of making controversial ‘anti-trans’ statements online and ‘disrespecting’ personal pronouns.

Kids from Burris Laboratory School also decried Webb’s gesture of affiliation and demanded his resignation, with one person complaining that transgenderism is difficult enough as it is without people faking it.

Turn Left podcast host Dana Black called Webb’s move “a mockery” and suggested people ignore him as a “nonfactor.”

Webb also had numerous supporters who flooded the post with positive comments and reinforcement. He also added that he may change his mind later, as “identity exploration is complex” while reminding folks that “tolerance and understanding” aren’t reserved for only some people.

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