It should come as little surprise to see that the Republican leadership in Congress has no appetite for brinkmanship as it pertains to funding President Trump’s promised border wall. These are the same Republicans who have been feeding their voters a line of bull for years on illegal immigration, saying one thing in their speeches and advertisements and doing just the opposite in the halls of legislation. And after their embarrassing failure on Obamacare, it is clear that these RINOs simply don’t have the stomach to fight for this country’s future.

On Tuesday, during a rally in Phoenix, President Trump told supporters that he was willing to shut down the federal government if it meant getting the funds necessary to build the wall.

“If we have to close down the government,” he said to cheers, “we are going to build that wall.”

But when it comes to congressional GOP leadership, we’re not hearing that kind of aggressive talk. At a news conference on Wednesday, House Speaker Paul Ryan said, “I don’t think a government shutdown is necessary, and I don’t think most people want to see a government shutdown, ourselves included.”

Well, that may be true, but there comes a point where the majority – Republicans – must start exercising their power. So far, it doesn’t really feel like Republican voters won much of anything by taking over both branches of Congress and the White House. Trump is doing what he can with his executive power, but that’s only so much. To make real headway on his agenda, he needs the support of the legislative branch. Where is it?

Congress has until September 30 to pass a continuing resolution to keep the government open until December. Democrats have already signaled that they will not vote for a bill that includes even a single dollar for the border wall. So, then, what’s it going to be? Are we going to cave in to the minority party – the party that lost in large part because of their liberal stance on the border? Or are we going to stand firm and take a political and economic risk for the long-term stability of our national security.

On Fox News Thursday, White House spokesperson Kellyanne Conway said that the president was quite serious about taking the fight over the wall all the way into the endzone.

“Anybody who’s surprised by that has not been paying attention for over two years,” Conway said. “So he’s telling Congress he’s building the wall, he expects the funding, and it’s up to them to work collaboratively. We hope they do.”

It’s time to make Democrats put their necks on the line for illegal immigration.

Past time.