Republicans Present Resolution To Support Police And Condemn Defund Rhetoric

( – House Republicans are pushing for a resolution as we head into National Police Week in support of law enforcement while censuring the concept of defunding the police. Reps. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) and Ken Buck (R-CO) penned the resolution as a measure intended to offer moral support for the “boys in blue” while condemning attempts to marginalize and weaken police departments around the country.

Speaking to Fox News Digital, Buck said he wanted to take the opportunity afforded by National Police Week to help boost morale for the institution as it has been “mercilessly attacked” since the George Floyd riots of 2020. He explained that many of them are just doing their job to the best of their abilities and don’t deserve the damaging rhetoric hurled by “leftist activists.”

Biggs told Fox News Digital that it’s more important to “back the blue” in the present moment than ever before. With surging crime across almost all our cities, he called the police “heroes… putting themselves in harm’s way,” to protect the public with their very lives. He said that they deserve “gratitude and respect” for the job they do and he was proud to introduce the resolution with Rep. Buck.

The resolution also starkly condemns attempts to defund or otherwise hamper police organizations. Leftists and urban Democrats continue to deploy the rhetoric even though their cities are surging with crime across the board.

One homeowner in San Francisco was recently told to hire private security after a home he’s been working on renovating for seven years was broken into for the eighth time. Downtown Austin, Texas has become a popular spot for street racing. A mentally ill repeat offender was recently killed after his hysterical outburst led to multiple men restraining him on the subway until police arrived, the man died shortly after from the result of the struggle and now District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office will decide to file charges against the man who intervened, a 24-year-old marine veteran. Why that man wasn’t in a facility after being arrested 44 times in recent years for crimes including assault is a question on many peoples’ minds.

Everyone is quick to condemn officers who misbehave or mess up, but when folks are in trouble they sure hope someone comes fast when they dial 9-1-1.

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