Republicans Seek Strict Control Of Abortion Pills

( – Lousiana Republicans are advancing legislation that would add abortion pills to their state’s list of dangerous controlled substances. The amendment is an addition to a larger state bill which criminalizes dosing someone with an abortion pill without their consent or awareness. Both misoprostol and mifepristone would be added to the list if it passes and Louisiana is the only state considering such legislation presently.

The passage would make possession of the drugs by anyone who doesn’t have a prescription subject to potential jail time and fines. Democrats have been eager to make abortion a major issue during the election season after the 2022 repeal of Roe v. Wade returned the issue of regulating the practice to the states.

Most Democrats favor unrestricted abortion access for all women, for any reason, and at any point during the pregnancy, up to and including the moment of birth. Some Democrats have even discussed the possibility of post-birth abortions, a euphemism for infanticide or killing a baby shortly after its born.

Former President Donald Trump has endorsed leaving the issue to the states. Conservatives want to push for more bans and restrictions, while many acknowledge that is an unpopular political move during an election year.

Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. recently made headlines during an interview where he suggested the decision should be totally left up to the mother, including full term abortions. He made the comments after explaining he was heavily in favor of bodily autonomy and medical freedom. He did not seem to catch the contradiction that he was placing the woman’s medical freedom and bodily autonomy over that of a potentially new born baby.

RFK added that “every abortion is a tragedy” but explained that the government doesn’t have authority to tell people what to do with their bodies. He also suggested that society should be working to support young mothers in every possible way so they feel comfortable and supported rearing the next generation of Americans.

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