Republicans Want Answers On Wokeness In The Department Of Defense

( – New York Rep. Elise Stefanik is irate over Defense Department reshuffling one of their controversial and self-described “woke” equity officers into another position instead of firing her outright. Kelisa Wing was the former head of diversity, inclusion, and equity (DIE) at the Defense Department Education Activity, she was reassigned to “chief of assessment” when some racially insensitive old tweets of hers resurfaced last year.

In those tweets, Wing used the word CAUdacity to reference an ‘audacious’ white woman who dared to suggest to her in one of their ‘professional sessions’ that black people can also harbor racist sentiments. Once the tweets went viral, the Pentagon was forced to respond and issued a statement claiming they were aware of the content while their focus was on ensuring “equitable access” to education that would help prepare students for college and beyond.

Equity or references to it are generally coded Marxist language, according to James Lindsay, an expert on the subject of woke ideology and identity Marxism. Stefanik told the post that the DoD can’t hide the Biden administration’s tendency to indoctrinate children in school with radical ideologies.

The Pentagon denied claims that she was moved around due to the complaints of legislators, but the timing certainly is curious. Whistleblowers from inside the Pentagon told the NY Post that they had several potential hires for the position lined up last fall, but suddenly decided to “ghost” them and reassign Wing to the position.

Stefanik wants answers, including when precisely the role-change occurred, and the original job description for the position. Crucially, she wants to know if the standard hiring process was followed, and if not, why.

Wing was originally hired in the wake of Biden’s “equity” plan, with many of her racist tweets up at the time. Was the Pentagon aware of her perspectives on white people? Stefanik wants to know. Also suspicious is the sudden appearance of children’s books co-authored by Wing in DoD schools, over 600 copies across all U.S. military bases were recorded by investigators. How’d that happen?

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