Retired Lt. Col. Suggests More Tanks Won’t Yield Success in Ukraine

( – Retired Lt. Col. Daniel L. Davis sat down for an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, Thursday, January 26th to discuss the complete absence of a meaningful plan to end the Ukrainian war. Davis is a senior fellow with the Defense Priorities think tank and a retired serviceman who spent more than twenty years in the military. With combat experience in Iraq and Afghanistan and two Bronze Star medals under his belt, he is an established expert when it comes to our military and combat.

When asked about the addition of more tanks into the field by the U.S. and Germany, Davis warned that while it does change the “information operations” it might not “translate into reality on the battlefield.”

After elaborating on his experience with tanks during the Cold War in eastern Europe, he cautioned “having NATO tanks does not equal battlefield success.” Davis also pointed out that the authorities making the decisions often do so based on simulations or other hypothetical research and that while that can be helpful it doesn’t often reflect reality due to unforeseen variables and wishful thinking. “Very few people anywhere in the western media … understand how combat power is made. … roughly 90 percent of the success [on the battlefield] is the people who operate the equipment,” he explained.

Davis continued to explain that the individual operator must be well-trained for his specific tasks, and the crew of the tank must be comfortable and efficient working together seamlessly. That same level of efficient communication and execution of orders is also required for the individual tank to function with others in a “platoon, platoons in a company, and a company in a battalion… all those are necessary and they all take time.”

Time together, years of experience, and good training are the ingredients required to have an effective armored unit. He added that they already have hundreds of tanks in Ukraine and that adding a few dozen more won’t make much of a difference in the overall conflict.

Davis concluded by suggesting that adding these new weapons and dragging on the conflict “makes [Russia] more aggressive. It makes them absolutely think we cannot lose this and double down on their efforts.”

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