Until Jeb Bush began making serious inquiries into running for president in 2016, the political polls were dominated by a man who stated emphatically that he would not run a third time: Mitt Romney. The former Massachusetts governor, his wife, and people in his inner circle have repeated time and again that his last run for the White House was indeed his last one. But, if a new bombshell story out of the AP is any indication, things might have changed.

According to the story, which has been reported in the New York Times, the Boston Globe, Politico, and elsewhere, sources close to Romney say he is seriously considering another run for the presidency. He met with a group of supporters on Friday, and he has apparently told them that he is not happy with the state of the country as it pertains to the economy and foreign affairs. While Romney’s displeasure with the state of things was obvious in 2012, he has said that things have only gotten worse in the ensuing years.

The meeting with financial executives and donors took place in the New York offices of Jets owner Woody Johnson, and it marks the first time Romney has made intimations toward running a third time. That it comes just as Bush has launched two PACs is probably not a coincidence. Big donors will be looking to put their money with a candidate in the next six to eight months, and it would be political suicide to wait until the former Florida governor sews up all the cash to announce a campaign. And if there’s one area where Romney excels, it’s in the area of fundraising.

Unfortunately, there are areas where he is not so strong, as demonstrated by his two failed runs. Bad polling, an inability to match Obama’s fieldwork, and a costly addiction to television advertising sunk his previous candidacy. He also emerges at a time when the GOP is having a serious crisis of identity. Romney, like Bush, feels like an “establishment” Republican at a time when many conservatives were hoping for someone with a little more ideological backbone.

Going for Broke

On the other hand, we need to get serious about this race. It’s important to criticize RINOism where we see it, and the criticisms that have been launched at Bush, Romney, Boehner, and McConnell are ones worth hearing. But there are a lot of conservatives who have lost sight of the forest for the trees. We have been under the thumb of a Marxist president for six years. Hillary Clinton, while at least an American, will only bring more liberalism to the White House. Let me just be absolutely clear, then, when I say: SHE MUST NOT WIN THE 2016 ELECTION!

Would a Mitt Romney or a Jeb Bush be my top choice for a Republican candidate? Not hardly. But they are both proud, strong, patriotic Americans who believe in restoring America to greatness. You don’t have to agree with everything they say. I certainly don’t. But I sure as hell think that either of them would be better for this country than Clinton. That’s the important point. There’s room to discuss alternatives and options and disappointments, but let’s not lose this race because we don’t have the perfect guy. The stakes are too high.