The media has been sniffing around for a very particular story since the day after President Trump’s inauguration. They haven’t quite found it, but that hasn’t stopped them from claiming in any deceptive way they can that they have. It’s the story of Trump Voter Regret, and there are entire Twitter accounts and websites dedicated to proving this unprovable trend. Of course, it seems to escape notice that anecdotal evidence of this sort proves nothing, including whether these supposedly-mournful Trump voters were ACTUALLY ever Trump voters at all.

Oh, but now Reuters thinks they have the scoop they’ve been waiting for.

“About one in eight people who voted for President Donald Trump said they are not sure they would do so again after witnessing Trump’s tumultuous first six months in office,” the news outlet reported of their recent poll.

Is that how we’re reporting the news these days? By emphasizing an extraordinary minority? This type of headline makes it sound as though there is some massive revolt against the president. But is that what the Reuters poll really conveys? First of all, “one in eight” is a rather slim number. Second, who is calling the president’s first six months “tumultuous?” The same mainstream media that has been MAKING it tumultuous? Interesting. Finally, there’s that phrase: “Not sure they would do so again.” That’s not exactly the hard left turn that Reuters is making it out to be, now is it? It’s basically saying…”I dunno…maybe.” Oooh, Republicans must be quaking in their boots!

Another way to put it: 88% of respondents say they would vote for Trump again if the election were held today. That’s actually a phenomenal retention of support, given the president’s – ahem – tumultuous first six months. If you go by the word of the media, Trump has done nothing at all in those first six months other than erode our constitutional freedoms, buddy up to an authoritarian dictator, and make life harder for minorities. Gee, it’s a wonder that there’s ANYONE left who still supports Trump.

And of course, that exactly what drives the media to run fake stories like this. They are apoplectic to see how little all of their careful investigative reporting has mattered. There were enraged about it last November and they’re even more angry today. They just don’t get it. They don’t understand it and they refuse to accept it. BELIEVE US, they’re screaming. YOU MESSED UP! IT SHOULDA BEEN HILLARY! SAY IT, DAMN YOU! SAYYYYYYYY IT!

And since they can’t get the answer they want, they’ll just stuff it into the mouths of the voters with the same fake reporting that characterized the election. Apparently, America’s liberal media is not just deceptive and dishonest, but extremely slow on the uptake.