RFK Jr Explains How Free Speech Is Vital For A Functioning Republic

(TotalConservative.com) – Democratic primary candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. sat down with Breitbart News to explain a few things that make his campaign unique, and why conservatives might be interested in supporting him. Talking to Joel Pollak on the Breitbart News Sunday podcast, Kennedy reminded listeners that historically speaking, every time someone has tried to censor speech they were always bad people engaged in terrible things.

Kennedy is a bestselling author, and advocate for children’s health as well as protecting the environment. His campaign will be heavily focused on freedom of speech. He knows firsthand the impact of censorship: he’s currently engaged in a lawsuit with Amazon over the censorship of one of his books. He pointed out that Amazon simultaneously benefited from the pandemic policies that he was critical of, suggesting an ulterior motive for the censorship.

Calling censorship “a direct assault” on our way of life, Kennedy discussed how the Founding Fathers included the ability to freely critique the government and its behavior as a core tenant to maintaining a representative democracy. The “free flow of information” is required so that ideas can compete, with the best one coming out on top. Censorship abrogates that process, leading to stagnation and the death of democratic principles.

Pollak added that Andrew Breitbart, the founder of Breitbart News, used to say something similar suggesting more voices were needed in the political realm, not less. Kennedy pointed out that censorship is becoming more popular as fewer people trust mainstream corporate media or the government.

He cited a figure of just 22 percent of people asked said they trusted the government’s narratives, generally speaking. That’s an all-time low. He blamed the tendency to lie and present misleading information as the cause. After all, how many of us can recall the WMD lies that preceded the Iraq War after 9-11, the infamous Steele Dossier of 2016, or the myriad of questionable assertions that triggered lockdowns during the pandemic?

Kennedy said that the left likes to call everything “a threat to our democracy,” when the real threat is the fact they’re lying all the time and trying to cover up the truth so Americans cannot make an informed decision, about anything.

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