RFK Jr. Flubs Abortion Question

(TotalConservative.com) – Over the weekend, Robert F. Kennedy campaigned through Iowa. During one interview, he seemed to state support for banning abortions after three months if elected president, although his team clarified later that Kennedy misspoke.

According to NBC, Kennedy made the statement on Sunday while being interviewed at the Iowa State Fair where he said he believes the “decision to abort a child” should be the woman’s choice “during the first three months” of the fetus’ life. Kennedy was then asked to clarify if he meant he would support and sign a 15 to 21-week ban on abortions, to which Kennedy replied in the affirmative.

Kennedy said once a child is able to survive “outside the womb,” he thinks “the state has an interest in protecting” it, although he’s all “for medical freedom” and individual choice. Like many other positions taken by the nephew of the late President John F. Kennedy, the presidential candidate seemed to diverge from the rest of the Democratic Party.

But then Kennedy’s campaign team issued a statement on Sunday evening following the story which clarified that he “misunderstood a question” by the reporter from NBC “in a crowded, noisy exhibit hall.” In the statement, his team said that Kennedy believes “it is always the woman’s right to choose” and that he doesn’t “support legislation banning abortion.”

Kennedy addressed other issues during the interview as well, such as the Inflation Reduction Act, which he said he wouldn’t have voted for, and all of the money the government is putting toward resisting climate change that he says is “actually doing the opposite.”

Kennedy was also asked about former President Donald Trump and whether or not he believes Trump actually won in 2020. Kennedy says he doesn’t think Trump beat Biden and when asked if the former president tried to overturn the results Kennedy said it “seems like it.”

Regardless of his abortion stance, Kennedy still diverts greatly from the rest of his party, most of whom have thrown their full support behind Biden and Harris for reelection. The Democratic National Committee also said there would be no debates between Biden and his bigger challengers, which includes Kennedy.

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