RFK Jr. Isn’t Even Safe from His Own Family

(TotalConservative.com) – Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. keeps taking hits from all directions—if it’s not from Republicans, it’s from people in his own party, and even from family members, such as his sister Kerry Kennedy and his cousin Jack Schlossberg.

During a recent hearing before the House Weaponization Committee, Kennedy’s own party went after him. Instead of addressing his concerns about censorship raised during the hearing, the Democrats voted to censor Kennedy instead. And even though the vote failed and Kennedy was allowed to speak, he was constantly interrupted, and his own party members tried to shut down his concerns.

The Kennedy name clearly still holds weight among Democrats or they wouldn’t be working so hard to stop others from considering what the nephew of the late President John F. Kennedy has to say.

Kennedy received backlash for comments he made about the pandemic in 2020 in which he cited studies showing certain ethnic groups seemed to be more impacted by the virus than others. Many interpreted his comments as “anti-Semitic,” and his sister Kerry addressed the controversy and called Kennedy’s remarks “deplorable.” The presidential candidate said his comments were misconstrued.

Schlossberg, Kennedy’s cousin and grandson of JFK, called Kennedy’s 2024 bid for the White House an “embarrassment” and endorsed President Joe Biden for the Democratic nomination. He said in a video posted on Instagram that Biden shares the same “vision for America” as his grandfather. Schlossberg also called Biden “the greatest progressive president” the country ever had.

He stated in his video that if his cousin cares about any of the “issues that matter,” then he would also support Biden. Schlossberg then said Kennedy is “trading in on Camelot” (a nickname for the JFK administration) as well as hanging with celebrities, pushing “conspiracy theories,” and starting conflicts “for personal gain and fame.”

Schlossberg, who said he’s “listened” to Kennedy and knows him, called his cousin’s campaign “a vanity project,” and that he has “no idea” why others think he should be in the White House.

Kennedy has yet to respond to Schlossberg’s comments.

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