Rogan And Musk Dunk On Claim That Exercise Is “Far-Right”

( – According to an opinion piece published by MSNBC last year, people who care about physical fitness and working out are most likely politically “far right” and such practices are being used to recruit white supremacists. The article went viral recently after MSNBC retweeted it, inspiring widespread criticism and mockery, including from podcaster Joe Rogan and entrepreneur Elon Musk.

The article was written by Cynthia Miller-Idriss, a professor at Washington, D.C.’s American University. Miller-Idriss argues that people who are “far right” have “taken advantage” trends developed during the pandemic to work out at home in order “to expand its decade-plus radicalization” or “mixed martial arts” and “combat sports spaces.”

Rogan, who is not only one of the most famous podcast hosts but also a UFC commentator, quickly made fun of the claim. He retweeted the article with a comment, “Being healthy is ‘far right.’” Rogan added “holy f***” to emphasize how absurd he found the article to be.

Musk, who now owns Twitter, also responded to the article, stating that the network thinks whoever works out is “a Nazi,” and that “parody” and “reality” are now “indistinguishable.”

According to the article, “health tips” and general advice on how to achieve “positive physical changes” are used to lure in recruits to far-right movements. Miller-Idriss cited the German dictator Adolf Hitler and his book Mein Kampf, stating that he was “fixated” on fitness and martial arts training to “help him create an army” of “fanatical” supporters.

The American University professor also published an article through MSNBC in February that argues homeschooling is also a sign of far-right political leaning. She called homeschooling “a strategy” long used by “white supremacist groups” to indoctrinate children away from being brainwashed by “multiculturalism” taught in public schools.

Despite the backlash and mockery, it’s unclear how popular the professor’s sentiments are among the political left.

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