In an interview with Fox News on Wednesday, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) accused Senate Democrats of blocking a police reform bill – not because they have serious reservations about its contents but because they would rather campaign on the issue than actually pass some meaningful legislation. The bill, which was brought to the Senate floor by Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) has been met with intense resistance by Democrats, who have their own (absurd) bill percolating in the House of Representatives.

This week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made the asinine claim that “Republicans are trying to get away with murder – the murder of George Floyd.” Not exactly the kind of thing you say if you’re really interested in working towards a bipartisan solution to police violence, now is it?

“Let me tell you exactly what happened, and I’ll tell you why it happened,” Rubio said. “What happened — so everyone understands this. The Democrats are not blocking the Republican bill. They’re not even allowing the process to begin to make changes to it. So what you do is you take a vote, it’s called a motion to proceed, and basically what it means is we are now on this bill. The process has begun. And then they can offer amendments. We can negotiate amendments. They can offer changes to the bill. If, at the end of that process, they are not happy with the end result, they could kill it then. They refuse to even begin that process.

“And their answer is pretty transparent, OK?” Rubio continued. “We all know what’s happening here. They think they’re going to win the majority in the Senate. They think they’re going to win the White House. And in their mind, they want this issue for the campaign. They want to be able to now pass a bill in the House and say, the Republicans refused to address it seriously. They want to campaign on it, and then they think they can get a better bill once they’re in power.

“And that’s why they blocked it. It’s as simple as that,” he concluded. “And if you’re — people are reporting the truth, they will report that because to argue that we can’t even begin to debate and make changes to a bill that — I think they would have passed a lot of their amendments, by the way, that you can’t make that argument with a straight face and — but that’s what they did.”

Yep. It’s pretty much just a replay of their immigration strategy. They were more than willing to let DACA kids swing in the breeze because they wanted to use it as a wedge issue in the midterms. Now they’re perfectly willing to let their black supporters do the same. They don’t care about making progress; they care about gaining full control of Washington.

At which point they’ll probably forget all about police reform.