Fearful of the idiot protesters flooding the streets in the immediate aftermath of the George Floyd incident in May, the moronic Democrats who populate the Minneapolis City Council vowed not only to reform the police department but to actually get rid of the agency altogether. The council went so far as to hold a vote in the weeks after Floyd’s death, and in that vote, they resolved to abolish the Minneapolis Police Department completely.

Whether they just did that to quell the immediate violence in the streets or if they actually thought it would be a good idea to leave Minneapolis without law enforcement, they are now beginning to realize that their absurd decree is not ever going to happen. Sad city council members are now being forced to admit that their progress towards eliminating the police has “slowed” – one of the greatest understatements in Minnesota state history.

“The Minneapolis City Council’s resolve to end the city’s police department has lost momentum, the result of the failure to get the question before voters in November and council members’ diverging ideas on the role of sworn officers in the future,” the Star-Tribune reported this week. “In the three months since nine council members pledged to end the department following George Floyd’s killing, the city has experienced a surge in violent crime, another night of unrest and blowback from residents who felt they had been left out of the initial conversations about change.”

Shortly after Floyd’s death, City Council member Liza Bender was asked by CNN what she would say to Minneapolis residents concerned about what they might do in the middle of the night if a burglar was breaking into their home. She dismissed the question as one coming from a place of “privilege,” drawing mockery and scorn from across the country.

Bender has apparently thought twice about this imbecilic claim, though. She told the Star-Tribune: “I think when you take a statement and then move into policy work, it gets more complicated.”

Oh, you don’t say, Liza? You can’t just snap your fingers, get rid of the cops, and relax in your idyllic, Communist paradise? Color us shocked!

We suppose we should be happy that these cities are coming to their senses at long last, but we can’t muster much optimism. Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and the rest of the anarchist groups know now that they can get whatever they want if they just burn down enough buildings. Next time, all they’ll have to do is keep up the violence and destruction a little longer, and these weak Democrats will grant their every wish.

Until and unless, that is, the actual citizens of these cities decide they’ve seen enough and take law enforcement into their own hands.