Under current California law, private Christian colleges are exempt from a law mandating a “safe space” for LGBT students on campus. The exemption is sensible and in accordance with the First Amendment.

No wonder Democrats want to get rid of it.

This week, the California legislature will vote on SB 1146, a bill that would heavily restrict the Title IX exemptions offered to religious universities. If passed, it would force Christian colleges to abide by the same anti-discrimination codes required for public schools. No longer would these institutions be allowed to hire faculty based on their religious beliefs, nor would they necessarily be allowed to require students to participate in faith-based exercises such as weekly chapel services. Essentially, this law could conceivably eliminate the concept of a Christian college altogether.

Proponents of the bill say that any school that receives a dime of federal funding should therefore have to abide by the government’s discrimination laws. They also claim that LGBT students and staff might unwittingly find themselves at a college that doesn’t actually want them there.

Ah, liberals and their bottomless cynicism. Talk about the bigotry of low expectations. They really think that little of gay men and women? That they’re so stupid they might accidentally go to a school that frowns upon homosexuality?

But at the core of all this is a Democratic Party that can’t stand the fact that there are still millions of Americans who can’t and won’t support their social causes. Still millions of Americans who believe that homosexuality is a sin. Still millions of Americans who do not believe that a man can magically be born in the wrong body. It drives them up the wall. It’s not enough for them to win, they must make sure that the entire country is forced to bow before their liberal ideas.

And, of course, they despise Christianity. Never forget that. They hate it. And why wouldn’t they? Christians adhere to a set of morals and values that are utterly incompatible with liberal philosophy. Rules for living that come straight from the Almighty – and no, that doesn’t mean President Obama. Those rules stand directly in the way of the ultimate liberal cause, which is to make the federal government the final word in all things.