Convinced, for some reason, that kids in high school are fully ready to exercise the kind of discretion and judgment we need in our nation’s voters, San Francisco activists are trying desperately to lower the voting age to 16 – the second such attempt in four years’ time. The proposal will be back on the ballot in November, and Vote 16 proponents believe they have a good chance of passing it into law this time around.

“I really think that Vote 16 will help youth of color in San Francisco establish the habit of voting at an earlier age, and really provide them with the support and the resources that they need to continue building on that habit as they grow older,” organizer Crystal Chan told NBC.

According to the Vote 16 website, it’s very important for us to extend voting to 16-year-olds so that they can start building a lifelong habit.

“Strong civics education and a lower voting age would mutually reinforce each other to increase civic engagement. A lower voting age would make civics education more effective as providing students a way to directly apply what they’re learning in the classroom in their communities would add a crucial level of relevance to civics courses. It would also encourage more schools to implement higher quality civics education programs given its immediate implications on students’ lives,” the website says.

It’s not really easy to understand why getting kids into the “habit” of voting is enough of a reason to actually let them vote. Couldn’t we accomplish the same thing by having some sort of mock ballot box? They could go through the motions, but their votes wouldn’t actually count.

And don’t even start with the civics education. If schools need encouragement and motivation to up the quality of the education they’re giving kids, then we have a whole different problem that needs to be addressed.

No, this strikes us as nonsense “feel good” crap they’re feeding the pubic to obscure the real reason for this initiative; namely, that kids are much more likely to vote for Democrats. And the party has already shown that it is willing to mine any resource – convicts, illegal aliens, dead people, you name it – if it means putting more votes into the ballot box.

This is just more of the same.