Just as the Bernie Sanders coalition of millennials was finally warming up to the idea of voting for Hillary Clinton, a new WikiLeaks release could derail her attempt to mend fences.

On Monday, the organization released another pile of emails hacked from Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta’s account. In one email from October of last year, Hillary’s campaign research director, Tony Carrk, sends Podesta a list of “Sanders Hits” for his perusal.

“Attached are some hits that could either be written or deployed during the next debate on Sanders,” Carrk wrote.

Fox News reported on the contents of the file:

The document is broken up into 12 sections, with headings such as “Sanders Is Not Straight with People on His Spending” and “Sanders Not Straight with People on Taxes.” Subcategories then divide the attacks into specific points.

“Sanders, often thought of as a champion of labor unions, accepted support from a company while it was involved in a bitter labor dispute — locking out union employees for nearly 22 months,” the document states in the “Labor/Pay to Play/Sugar” section. Sanders later voted “to protect the sugar program.”

In another section of the document, Clinton’s research team points out Bernie’s ill-defined tax plan.

“Sen. Sanders has not told the American people how much he is going to raise taxes and who is going to pay for them,” reads the file. “When confronted on details of his tax plan, he simply says ‘it’s coming.’”

A spokesman for the Trump campaign tweeted a link to the files, saying, “And here…we…go,” on Twitter.

That raised the ire of the Clinton campaign, who shot back in an email to Fox News:

“It is absolutely disgraceful that the Trump campaign is cheering on a release today engineered by Vladimir Putin to interfere in this election, and this comes after Donald Trump encouraged more espionage over the summer and continued to deny the hack even happened at Sunday’s debate,” said spokesperson Glen Caplin. “The timing shows you that even Putin knows Trump had a bad weekend and a bad debate.”


Trump, Putin, Abraham Lincoln…there’s always someone to blame when you’re a part of Team Hillary.