Santos Trial Postponed until October

( – A judge has postponed the court hearing for Republican Rep. George Santos of New York at the request of the prosecution for extra time to negotiate other “possible paths forward” in the matter.

The status conference that was supposed to take place on Tuesday, September 5, was postponed after prosecutors requested time to work out a deal with Santos. Judge Joanna Seybert approved the federal government’s request and rescheduled for October 27. Federal prosecutors wrote that “possible paths forward in this matter” will be discussed between parties who “wish to have additional time” to talk it over.

The disgraced controversial New York lawmaker became a constant in the headlines after it was exposed last year that much of his biography and resume was fabricated.

In the months that ensued, various other peculiar details began to emerge about the congressman’s past, such as accusations from a homeless veteran that Santos started a fund to raise money for the man’s dying dog and then ran off with the cash, all under a different name. Pictures and stories of Santos dressing up as a drag queen have also emerged, as well as sub-par karaoke covers.

But the investigation into Santos is for much more serious matters than dressing as a woman or bad singing. Santos faces charges of lying about funding sources on financial reports, misleading contributors to his campaign, as well as defrauding agencies for unemployment insurance. In May, the New York lawmaker was hit with a 13-count indictment, to which he pleaded not guilty.

Santos said he’s not interested in a plea deal yet, but that he won’t rule out the possibility. He was asked last month if he would think about pleading guilty, to which Santos replied he doesn’t know. “I’m not making any assertions,” Santos said, but that “right now, the answer is no,” and then added that he doesn’t “know what life’s gonna come” at him.

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