As they always do at a time like this, Democrats on Capitol Hill and in the media are trying to use the congressional baseball game shooting to push for more gun control. After all, they think, in their wildly-twisted minds: This guy came and tried to shoot one of you gun-toting Republican folks. NOW will you support strict gun control measures? NOW can we finally be more like the UK and Australia, where police carry batons and only terrorists have guns? NOW can we all finally admit that the NRA is evil, the founding fathers got it wrong, and that Barack Obama should be given a medal for his dogged attempts at taking guns away from the American people?

Well, said Rep. Mo Brooks, no. No, we can’t.

Brooks, who was on the scene when the shooting went down, was asked by a reporter on the spot if the bloody incident had changed his conservative views on gun control. And even with adrenaline no doubt surging through his veins, Brooks was able to deliver a pretty spot-on defense of one of our most cherished and important freedoms.

“The Second Amendment right to bear arms is to ensure that we always have a republic,” Brooks said. “And as with any other constitutional provision in the Bill of Rights, there are adverse aspects to each of those rights that we enjoy as people. And what we just saw here is one of the bad side effects of someone not exercising those rights properly.

“But we’re not going to get rid of freedom of speech because some people say some really ugly things that hurt other people’s feelings,” he continued. “We’re not going to get rid of Fourth Amendment search and seizure rights because it allows some criminals to go free who should be behind bars. These rights are there to protect Americans, and while each of them has a negative aspect to them, they are fundamental to our being the greatest nation in world history.

“So, no, I’m not changing my position on any of the rights we enjoy as Americans,” he concluded.

Right on. Brooks could have spent days writing a treatise on the Second Amendment and he likely wouldn’t have come up with a better defense of our rights than the one he gave out of the blue.

But that’s what liberals just don’t get. These freedoms we have – they aren’t contingent on everything going right all the time. They are enshrined in our Constitution precisely BECAUSE the founders knew it would be so, so tempting for overzealous, fearful politicians to take them away because of this incident or that one. Could we have a “safer” country if we took some of those freedoms away? It’s entirely possible. But so far…and God willing, we aren’t nearly to the end of that era yet…we’ve chosen a bit more liberty at the expense of a bit more safety. And that is a big reason why the U.S. became – and remains – the greatest country in the world.