School District Warns Schools Not to Violate Florida Gender Laws

( – A memo was sent out on Monday by the Orange County Public Schools district in Florida which warned schools against requiring staff and students to use “preferred pronouns,” bathrooms that do not correspond with their biology, and social transitioning students without parental consent.

The district kicked off a new school week by releasing a memo outlining how new state laws under House Bill 1069 will be enforced pertaining to transgender ideology. The bill means that school policy must be steered by biological reality rather than gender identity – males cannot use female facilities and participate in female sports, and vice-versa.

According to the bill, “a pronoun that does not correspond” to a person’s biological gender, which is “immutable,” is false. It specifies that students, employees, and contractors “may not be required” to refer to others using “preferred personal title or pronouns” if it doesn’t “correspond to that person’s” biological make-up as male or female.

The Orange County Public Schools memo also warns staff that they should “not ask a student” their preferred pronouns or share with students “a personal title or pronoun” not corresponding to the staff member’s biology. Although other districts in other states are debating whether or not gender transitions should be kept from a parent or allowed with a parent’s permission, schools in Florida are skeptical if it’s permitted even with a parent’s consent. Parents cannot force staff to comply even if they can make a request.

According to the memo, teachers may “use a nickname” for a student if “approved by the parent” and specified in a form which must be filled out and submitted to authorize the nickname’s usage in school.

The memo also addresses bathroom usage according to House Bill 1521, which “requires bathrooms other than single stall bathrooms” to be divided by male and female and bans staff and students from using shared bathrooms that don’t correspond to their biological makeup. It does specify that “single stall restrooms” must be provided for “transgender students and employees.”

Teachers who violate the new laws could face heavy consequences, including revocation of their certification.

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