The Chicago Tribune did a big, fat positive writeup for Glenbrook High Schools District 225, which has just come up with a new transgender student policy, showing the city, the state, and the country just how forward-thinking and adorably progressive they are when it comes to the issues that really matter. Of course, when it comes to Chicago-area schools, these are the things they focus on because it helps to detract attention from the failing students and the unfortunate fact that the entire public school system is bankrupt.

“As we were looking at materials, we felt that one of the weaknesses that we’ve had is that we haven’t necessarily recognized transgender students within our policies,” Superintendent Michael Riggle told the Tribune. “And also we haven’t really placed in there the procedures that we actually are following day to day.”

For shame!

But, you know, this is apparently the way of the world these days, especially when you get into these hardcore blue cities, so it’s not really worth getting upset about yet another district throwing common sense and science away in the interest of getting on the LGBT community’s good side. Hell, in one respect, we don’t even blame them. Why court some future (inevitable) lawsuit from a bunch of activists when you can just write up some policy that says, “Fine, if you say you’re a girl, we’ll call you a girl.” We wish there would be some “we’ve had it” moment from the American people, but we’re increasingly certain that no such day is coming.

On the other hand, we couldn’t help but be struck by this part. From the Tribune:

The seven-page draft policy states that its purpose “is to ensure that all individuals who identify their gender differently from their sex assigned at birth do not encounter discrimination based on that identification.” The district promotes respect and does not tolerate bullying, harassment or discrimination at school, it said.

School district personnel are expected to accept a student’s gender identity, and the district is not to question or disregard a student’s assertion of gender identity “unless there is a credible basis for determining that the student has asserted a particular identity for some improper purpose,” according to the policy.

Hmm, now what does THAT mean? We’ve been told for years now that no one would call themselves transgender just to get a free pass into the girls’ locker room, so what “improper purpose” is the district talking about? We’d love to hear more about this. Does the left find ANY improper purpose for declaring yourself unaffiliated with your birth gender? We didn’t think we were even supposed to ask such questions!

Just the mere idea that a school district has to have a policy delineating a difference between a “good purpose” for changing into another gender from a “bad purpose” for doing so is a sign of how unmoored we have become from any semblance of reason, but hey, that’s not really news.