Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin failed to gain much traction in his bid for the Republican nomination, but his reception at the Conservative Political Action Conference this week proved that he’s still enormously popular with right-leaning Americans.

Walker, who came to national prominence after surviving a controversial recall election and stripping Wisconsin unions of their political power, said Republicans needed to stand firm in the face of widespread protests. Noting the chaotic town halls that have greeted Republican lawmakers around the country, Walker said they reminded him of the left-wing pushback he fought in his home state.

He also referenced the protesters who blocked Education Secretary Betsy DeVos from entering a public school building, telling the crowd that he’d faced similar scenarios in Milwaukee.

“As I hear these stories I think, ‘Been there, seen that,'” Walker said. “It was a vivid reminder about what we learned in Wisconsin. Do what you said you were going to do. Go big, and go bold and follow through on the promises you made in a campaign.”

Walker said that given enough rope, these liberal movements would inevitably hang themselves. He said that protesters in Wisconsin showed the public their true colors when they tried to ruin a charity event aimed at raising money for the Special Olympics.

“This was the moment when normal people could see that the protestors were not like them,” he said. “I mean, who messes up an event for Special Olympics athletes?”

Hopefully, Republicans in Washington are listening, because Walker’s advice is timely and wise. Liberals are well-funded and well-organized in the aftermath of the Trump election, and they can count on thousands of hours of positive television coverage every time they take to the streets or show up at a local townhall meeting. The left has always been the party of protests, and they are very good at making a small movement look much, much larger than it really is.

We’re not going to put our heads in the sand and pretend that every anti-Trump protest is filled with people on the George Soros payroll, though. We’ll put it like this: These protests are less manufactured than Donald Trump would like to believe…but far more manufactured than the media is letting on.

In both cases, though, the enthusiasm will run out of steam. And, like Walker says, these protests will almost certainly cross the line at some point, turning off millions of Americans who might fancy themselves part of “The Resistance.” Hardcore liberals are so out of touch that they will eventually let their guard down and remind the country what they’re really all about.

All Republicans need to do is weather the storm and live up to their campaign promises. The only way these protests live on past the summer is if the GOP starts giving in to their demands.

And knowing this party…