In a blistering monologue on Monday night, Fox News host Sean Hannity lamented the growing scenes of violence and destruction rippling through some of America’s largest cities. The conservative icon said that the riots and looting were only distracting from their purported justification: The death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis Police.

“Make no mistake. We have been very clear. Peaceful protesting surrounding this horrific death of George Floyd is warranted and substantial and the right thing to do,” Hannity said. “Sadly now, the life and death of George Floyd is getting overshadowed by criminals, anarchists, those looting and burning groups like Antifa who are wreaking havoc on the streets of our cities.

“At this point, hundreds of businesses have been utterly destroyed; storefronts smashed in, fires burning out of control, looting in many great American cities. Business owners violently attacked,” Hannity continued.

After running through a few examples of the most egregious incidents we’ve seen in cities from New York to Texas to California, Hannity said that most of the besieged cities had one element in common.

“What we are all witnessing as a country is a fundamental failure of liberal governments, liberal governors, liberal mayors all across the country,” Hannity said. “Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland and other major cities now ravaged by chaos. They have been run by Democrats for decades.”

Hannity said that the response (or lack thereof) to the rioting was the second harsh lesson America had learned about Democrat control, right on the heels of the ridiculously-botched approach to the coronavirus in many of the same cities and states.

“They know about Antifa,” he said of the government leaders. “They know about these anarchists. They know the risks they pose. They have let this build and build and build and do nothing to stop the violence. Maybe on night one they could have said they weren’t prepared. What’s your excuse for nights two, three, four, five? They knew that cities were vulnerable to looting and violence during times of unrest. Yet, they are totally unprepared for anything as always.

“There was no plan, a spectacular failure on every level,” he continued. “The damage, the carnage, the wreckage will go on for years as a result of this. This chaos needs to end now.”

Unfortunately, from what we’ve seen, these Democrat leaders are more willing to dream up excuses and invent “white supremacist” boogeymen than they are to actually quell the unrest. Par for the course.