Seatbelt Controversy Leads to Mother’s Assault Charge

( – A mother in Florida was arrested last week and charged with child abuse on Nov. 29 after her son was discovered with bruises and other signs of abuse on his body.

Pamela Gladys Gaensel, 47, was arrested last Wednesday under charges of child abuse without great bodily harm, according to Broward County jail records. What led to her arrest was Gaensel’s six-year-old son, who was found to have multiple bruises and marks all over his face and body.

Prosecutors detailed the mother’s abuse in a court hearing the following day, explaining that Gaensel forced her six-year-old out of her car by pulling him by the hair and throwing him on the nearby sidewalk. The mother then allegedly picked up a booster seat from inside the car and threw it at the child’s leg. As the boy cried and pleaded for his mother to stop, Gaensel reportedly threw him a second time. The incident, which happened around 2:15 PM and was captured on security camera, occurred the day before in Sunrise on Sunset Strip.

The mother told law enforcement that she was reprimanding the boy for disobeying her and unhooking his younger brother’s car seat, allegedly causing the other child to fall while she was driving and stepping on the brakes.

The mother’s defense team argues that her actions were disciplinary, and Gaensel insists that she only spanked her son. She was arrested the day after the incident when she showed up to pick up her kids from school. The school reported the abuse after noticing the marks on the boy’s body. One prosecutor said that marks on the child’s “back… face, arms and palms” were also observed by law enforcement upon examination.

After the arrest and her court appearance, the judge granted Gaensel a bond of $5,000, which was paid the same night and she was spotted leaving the jail. Gaensel covered her head with a blanket while leaving the facility, attempting to avoid interacting with any media present.

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