Seattle Man Robbed on His Own Porch

( – A Seattle resident in the Beacon Hill neighborhood was assaulted, threatened at gunpoint, tased, and robbed on Saturday, August 26th. The entire incident was caught on the man’s door camera.

The video shows a pair of men running up to the victim wearing black hoodies and face masks. The first points a gun at him while the second deploys a taser causing the man to fall backward, stunned. One of the suspects instructs him to give them “everything” he has.

They took his wallet, cell phone, keys, watch, necklace, and even the rings off his fingers.

Seattle has suffered a string of home robberies in recent months as the homeless population there continues to surge and crime spirals out of control. Seattle Police reported 14 home robberies since June, 5 of them occurring within a 10-day span.

One Seattle burglar was caught trying to kill himself by chugging gasoline once police located him inside a locked vehicle in the family’s garage. He had invaded the home while a teenage girl was present and she called for help. Luckily, police were able to arrive before he was able to harm the girl.

The Seattle Police Department has previously indicated that violent crime in the city is currently at a 15-year peak. All crime is up 4%, while car theft was up 30% and homicides were up 24%. Homeless has surged 229% in the same period. Police indicated that the number of homeless has increased by 38% just in the two-year period between 2022 and 2020.

Crime has become more of an issue after the city defunded its police department by slashing $7 million from its budget. The decrease left the department struggling to provide basic services. The irony is that the defunded and demoralized department is paying officers more per hour as the staffing shortages have created a huge demand for overtime workers.

Seattle has lost dozens of cops per month over the last few years, though they are losing fewer now than in the last two years. Seattle PD reported that they’re spending ~25% of its current budget on overtime for their overworked police officers.

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