(TotalConservative.com) – Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) published his plan for “an American renewal” in the American Conservative on January 3rd. Rubio waxed philosophical about the need for a multi-ethnic, working-class coalition if we have any hope of changing policy in Washington. Very few news sources are talking about it.

Citing that the establishment is “more interested in hoarding power than making life better for most Americans,” Rubio points out that the Republicans and Democrats often collaborate when it’s to the advantage of the ultra-wealthy. He mentioned last month’s railway debacle citing it as an instance where both parties sided with Warren Buffet.

Blasting “decades of decadence and incompetence” Rubio lamented the fact that many “communities have been hollowed out… common good ignored.”

Citing the need to win elections, Rubio demanded the Republican party “give people a reason to vote for us.” He laid out three tasks the party has to achieve.

The first task he outlined was the need to “rebalance our domestic economy by putting Wall Street in its place.” Comparing predatory practices to a Ponzi scheme, he laid out that the real purpose of Wall Street is not just to make endless profits. Ideally connecting capital with people who have good ideas would be its honorable function, so that we can grow and innovate as a country. Additionally, sending jobs and money to China “is dangerously stupid,” he said.

Secondly, Rubio wants “to bring critical industries back to America.” He specifically talked about semiconductors, and microchips as well as pharmaceuticals and rare earth minerals. Taking aim at China, the Senator lamented our dependence on Chinese manufacturing.

Third, Rubio said, “we have an obligation to rebuild America’s workforce.” Industry and the economy demand a resilient workforce, but that cannot be achieved without human dignity, he said. Continuing, he explained that American outsourcing destroyed countless middle-class lives, ruining their long-term potential for prosperity.

Rubio also attacked big tech, the foreign policy establishment, and abortion. Calling our schools “a cesspool of Marxist indoctrination,” he decried critical race theory and radical gender ideology “being forced on elementary school children.”

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