Senator To Bring Forward Contraception Protection Bill

( – Ahead of a planned test vote by Democrat senators on a bill that would protect contraception access for women, one Republican senator from Iowa says she plans to introduce legislation that would also secure the right to purchase birth control medications over the counter.

In a press release on Thursday, June 6, Republican Sen. Joni Ernst of Iowa said that despite the political left’s “fearmongering,” Republicans clearly “have solutions to support women and families.” She added that those solutions “are gaining momentum.” Her proposed legislation is designed to increase options for over-the-counter contraceptives while also ensuring the government remains transparent about how tax dollars are used and making sure those funds go toward supporting families.

Ernst vowed to “continue to stand up” for the right of women to “access safe and effective birth control” and simultaneously hold Democrats accountable for their “radical agenda.”

As Democratic senators and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer attempt to focus on issues they believe will bring an advantage leading into the election in November, and the test vote comes at a time when there is very little hope to pass any serious bipartisan bills. The Senate may also hold a test vote on the question of whether or not in vitro fertilization (IVF) should be accessible nationwide, but neither that bill nor the one to secure contraception is expected to make it through the Senate. Democrats would have to muster 60 votes and support from the GOP-Dominated House of Representatives.

On Tuesday, June 4, Schumer vowed to prioritize “reproductive freedoms” in the current chamber in order to demonstrate to the American people which party “will stand up to defend their fundamental liberties.”

Republican Sen. Steve Daines of Montana blasted Schumer and Senate Democrats, who he accused of “lying to the American people” that Republicans are against contraception because they’re “behind in the polls.” He said that no Republican senators are against increasing access to contraception and that the Democrats “lying to women and families” for “political points” should be ashamed of themselves.

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