Senior IRS Criminal Investigator Blows Whistle Regarding “High Profile” Case

( – Twitter erupted the evening of Wednesday, April 19th when scandalous revelations from a high-level IRS whistleblower were published in a letter from his attorney. Mark D. Lytle wrote a letter detailing dramatic and incendiary disclosures made by his client, a senior-level IRS criminal supervisory agent.

The letter made some stunning allegations. In disclosures he has already made internally to the IRS, Treasury Department, and the Department of Justice and which he intends to deliver to Congress, he alleges that a senior political appointee lied to Congress during sworn testimony, had clear conflicts of interest, and detailed descriptions of preferential treatment improperly impacting decisions and procedures that are standard for this kind of investigation.

Could this be in regard to the Hunter Biden taxation investigation? The letter says that the investigation has been on-going since 2020, which is timed right. Most of the internet seems to believe this is connected to Hunter Biden and specifically testimony given by Merrick Garland under oath.

Rep. James Comer (R-KY) suggested the Biden administration is engaging in obstruction by interfering with efforts to charge Hunter Biden with tax crimes. He further implied that the House Oversight Committee will look into the issue and anyone covering up criminal activity will be held accountable.

Rep. Darrell Issa retweeted an article discussing the matter and implied a years-long coverup of the corrupt practices and criminal activity of the Biden family is ongoing.

Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) is calling for a special counsel and hopes more whistleblowers come forward.

Hunter Biden has been under investigation for 5 years for a myriad of financially questionable transactions involving business deals in Ukraine and China. He has yet to be charged with any crime, which is perhaps what this whistleblower is coming forward to give testimony about. While various prosecutors are foaming at the mouth to charge Donald Trump with crimes, there seems to be a complete lack of transparency and political will to do the same with the Biden family. Isn’t that something?

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