Conservative talk-show host Laura Ingraham is under attack by the left, which has threatened to boycott all of her Fox News advertisers to ultra-fast effect. As of Friday, five major companies have already pulled their accounts from Ingraham’s primetime show and it would not surprise us in the least if several more follow in their footsteps. This is getting an extraordinary (if unsurprising) amount of mainstream media coverage, and there’s nothing these companies fear more than the specter of bad press.

The controversy started on Wednesday when Ingraham noted on Twitter that Parkland teen activist David Hogg had not had much success with his college applications. She linked to a story elaborating on that fact and put in a bit of her own (quite mild, we thought) commentary.

“David Hogg Rejected By Four Colleges To Which He Applied and whines about it. (Dinged by UCLA with a 4.1 GPA…totally predictable given acceptance rates.)” she wrote.

Is that really such a terrible tweet? We realize that the media has decided that these precious students must be protected like the crown jewels, but even so – this is SO bad that we need to drive Ingraham off the reservation and into the wilderness with a scarlet letter on her chest? What did she even say? That he “whined”? He DID whine about it. He made it seem like his activism was the cause of his college rejections. He tried to use his newfound celebrity status to get into a better school than the ones that accepted him. Okay. Fine. He has RELISHED every moment in the spotlight he’s gotten. Sorry, but if you’re a public figure, you open yourself up to mockery and criticism. Even if you’re a precious “Parkland teen.”

As the media covers it, Hogg “took the high road” and, instead of attacking Ingraham personally, decided to destroy her professional career instead. Gee, we can’t speak for Laura, but we’re pretty sure she would have rather he called her a name or two.

Be that as it may, once Hogg posted a list of Ingraham’s main Fox News advertisers and asked his followers to boycott the companies, the cave-in began almost instantly. TripAdvisor, Wayfair, Hulu, Nestle, and Nutrish have all announced that they will no longer run ads on Ingraham’s show.

“We also believe Americans can disagree while still being agreeable, and that the free exchange of ideas within a community, in a peaceful manner, is the cornerstone of our democracy,” said TripAdvisor in a statement. “In our view, these statements focused on a high school student cross the line of decency.”

You may notice that their language is STRAIGHT out of the Obama lexicon.

Hogg relished flexing his newfound political muscles. “If you continue to bully the students that survived a mass murder,” he said, “there’s going to be consequences.”

Yes, these poor students who are out there telling the country that conservatives and Republicans and NRA members have the blood of children on their hands now feel “bullied.” Once again, the left can say whatever they want about their designated American villains, but any retort will be met with “consequences.” It’s fair play in the free market, we suppose, but it does show you how terrified liberals are of having an even, balanced war of ideas.