Breitbart News released a leaked video of a Google meeting that was held just days after the 2016 presidential election this week, adding new fuel to the raging conservative fire that hold the tech giant responsible for intense bias against the right.

Only a few days after it was revealed that Google tried its best to boost the Latino vote count in the election to help Hillary Clinton go over the top (only to be crushed to learn that Trump scored nearly a quarter of the Hispanic vote), this video’s publication will undoubtedly make it more difficult for Google to convince lawmakers that they are dealing with conservatives on an even playing field.

In the video, which Trump supporting pundit Mike Cernovich correctly described as having the ambience of “a funeral,” co-founder Sergey Brin says that Trump’s voters are comparable to fascists and extremists who were motivated by “boredom” to support the Republican candidate. He tells his top staffers that it’s their job to think about what Google can do to bring about a “better quality of governance and decision-making” among the American people.

Brin, who migrated to the United States from the Soviet Union when he was a boy, said, “As an immigrant and refugee, I certainly find the selection deeply offensive.”

Google’s vice president for global affairs, Kent Walker (who just happened to no-show an appearance before Congress this week), said that people who voted for Donald Trump were motivated by “fear, xenophobia, hatred, and a desire for answers that may or may not be there.”

Hilariously, at one point, Google exec Eileen Naughton says that conservative employees should feel empowered to share their views.

“We value perspectives from all sides of the political spectrum,” she said.

Oddly enough, no one spoke out in defense of Trump or his supporters.

While there’s still a certain amount of pleasure in watching Hillary fans grieve and freak out in the wake of their shocking defeat, it’s sobering to realize that the company in charge of information flow all over the world is so relentlessly biased against half the country. They will cry up and down that this bias has no effect on how they run their organization or how they deliver their search results, but there is significant evidence to the contrary. Google has unprecedented power over the stream of American consciousness, and it’s obvious from watching this video (if it wasn’t already) what they want that stream to look like.

We’re still no fans of heavy-handed government regulation, but suffice to say, these people bear watching.