Smith Requests Protection for Jurors in Trump Case

( – Special Counsel Jack Smith requested special protections for D.C. jurors who are assigned to his case against former President Donald Trump. Smith slapped Trump with a 4 count indictment alleging conspiracies, fraud, and obstruction of government proceedings for the disruption and violence that happened at the Capitol on January 6th.

Smith’s office is also attempting to gag Trump to prevent him from publicly defending himself or using the allegations against him to fundraise or otherwise promote himself.

Smith cited Trump’s large following and ability to challenge or insult his accusers or otherwise demean the legitimacy of the court as the reason for his request on September 15th. He wants to bar Trump from exercising his First Amendment right to call the FBI or DOJ “crooked” or “corrupt.” He also wants everyone involved, from the jury pool to the judge and witnesses to be kept out of Trump’s mouth.

Smith’s office has been accused of selectively leaking information previously to the press, including the New York Times and other outlets, suggesting he wants to be able to spread his narrative to the media while censoring Trump.

In his latest filing, Smith requested “limited restrictions” on Trump’s ability to use social media or research jurors during jury selection citing “particular sensitivities” of the case. The extraordinary measures include barring attorneys from contacting or following potential jurors’ social media accounts. Any research considered “vexatious or harassing” would also be barred, leaving a wide field for interpretation. Any identifying information would also be banned from public discussions.

They also requested jurors enter and exit the courthouse through a discrete entrance to avoid the press and public.

Obama-appointed Judge Tanya Chutkan has previously indicated she has a heavy anti-Trump bias in her sentencing of J6 defendants. She denied Trump’s request to recuse herself, potentially setting up yet another avenue of appeal should he be convicted.

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