The Dallas Cowboys, also known as “America’s Team,” is taking some flak from the left for recently partnering with an unabashedly “pro-American” coffee brand.

The Cowboys partnered with Black Rifle Coffee, a beverage company that is owned by former military veterans and who strongly support the military and law enforcement. With every purchase made, Black Rifle donates some portions of the sale back to law enforcement officers or military veterans organizations.

Who wouldn’t approve of partnering with such a brand?

Left-wing, woke snowflakes, that’s who!

Despite the coffee brand being highly “pro-America, the Cowboys are being trashed for partnering with them because of the company’s gun themed-name, particularly in light of the many recent mass shooting events. In addition to the brand being named “Black Rifle,” several of the custom roasters coffees have firearm puns in the titles, such as, “AK-47 Espresso Blend,” “Silencer Smooth Roast,” and “Murdered Out Extra Dark Roast.”

None of these are offensive or ill-intended; it was simply to go along with the military theme and values of the people who started the company.

But that did not stop “woke” individuals from being triggered (pun intended!) and take to Twitter to take pot shots at the Cowboys.

A spokesperson for Black Rifle told the Associated Press that the move was planned to be announced on the fourth for a considerable amount of time, but it was delayed because of the parade shooting.

“The long-planned announcement was timed to coincide with the Independence Day holiday — America’s Team. America’s Coffee. America’s Birthday,” the spokesperson said.

But instead, it sparked dozens of tweets like this from “Piano Mama.”

There are veteran-owned coffee companies that don’t glorify guns that would be much better partners for ‘America’s Team.” Choose wisely @dallascowboys!

ALL of your fans are watching, including children forced to practice active shooter drills.

Seems like yet another overreaction from people who want any semblance of patriotism, military support, and firearms “canceled” from our culture.