Soros Hands Over Control Of His Empire

( – George Soros is tapping his son to lead the Open Society Foundations that Soros funds, and his son says he will double down on his father’s political priorities.

Alexander Soros, the 37-year-old son of the businessman and philanthropist, was selected by his father to head the foundation and made it clear he will continue to prioritize liberal political causes such as abortion rights, gender equity, and voting rights, as well as improving support for Democratic politicians among black and Latino voters. Alex Soros described himself as “more political” than his father.

Roughly $1.5 billion annually is spent by the Open Society Foundations on various causes across the globe. Political action committees that are aligned with Soros-funded organizations also have a major influence on elections in the United States, as well as local policies in cities throughout the nation.

Alex Soros has also paid 17 visits to the White House since 2021, meeting with various officials in Biden’s administration. Director of the Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project, Mike Howell, expressed concern over Alex Soros’ access to the White House. Howell accused the Soros family of doing “tremendous damage” to the United States. He described the agenda of Soros as “one of death and destruction” by promoting “open borders” to erode Western civilization.

Matt Palumbo, who wrote a book about the vast network of influence of George Soros as well as a series of articles for the New York Post, described Alex Soros as the “new ambassador” for his father. Palumbo said that Soros has influence “all throughout the White House.”

Palumbo wrote about how Soros also has influence inside the mainstream media to keep criticism of his moves at a minimum, and he’s written about how Soros spends billions to get politicians elected and to install leftwing district attorneys across the country. One of those DAs with ties to Soros funding is Manhattan’s Alvin Bragg, who gained national attention after the indictment of former President Donald Trump.

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