There’s something really satisfying, we admit, about finally being on the same page with Hillary Clinton’s supporters and the mainstream media (to the extent there is any difference in these two categories). It’s been fun for the past few days to visit Breitbart and Vox and The Daily Caller and The New York Times, only to read op-eds in all of these outlets slamming former FBI Director James Comey. This guy has burned so many bridges you can’t even tell where the bridges were anymore. We’re sure his book will be a bestseller simply based on morbid curiosity and an overwhelming amount of publicity, but if Comey thought he was going to come out of this thing an American hero, he was sadly mistaken.

It is in this climate of rare bipartisan agreement that we’re almost a little sad to rain on the parade. But we have to. Because while it makes perfect sense for the left to attack Comey for sinking to personal attacks (“he looked somewhat orange”) when bashing President Trump, and while it makes perfect sense for the right to criticize Comey for being a leaker, a liar, and a terrible FBI director, it makes NO sense for Hillary’s supporters to do what they’re doing: Blaming him for costing their girl the election. This is a storyline they’ve been selling since BEFORE the damn election, and we’re sorry – we loathe this dude as much as the next political observer, but this is one charge you can’t lay at his feet.

Which is not to say that Comey’s late-October letter to Congress didn’t change the course of history. We tend to believe that most people had made up their minds by then, but we can’t deny that there is some polling data that shows he moved the needle just enough to swing the election. We’re willing to concede that, while not likely, it is POSSIBLE that Comey’s letter was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

To which we say: So what?

It was Comey’s duty to go back to Congress, where he’d testified as to the conclusion of the Hillary Clinton investigation, and correct the record. Plain and simple. And this is one situation where we fully agree with Comey’s motivations: Had Clinton won the election only for it to come out LATER that he’d sat on this explosive revelation, all hell would have broken loose. Can you imagine what Trump would have done with that? And he would have had every right to, because it would have been the clearest sign yet that the Obama DOJ was protecting the Democratic nominee.

No, Clinton cost HERSELF the election when she decided to throw classified information out into cyberspace without the slightest thought about proper security measures. She cost HERSELF the election by allowing sensitive emails to wind up here, there, and everywhere – including on a laptop belonging to a now-convicted sexual predator. She cost HERSELF the election when she treated her job at the State Department like a side gig that was an inconvenience more than anything else.

So yeah, there are a lot of reasons to put James Comey on blast; this just isn’t one of them.