In Berkeley County, South Carolina, they have a message for President Obama and the State Department: Your damn Syrians can go somewhere else.

The Republican-dominated county council passed a resolution Monday disapproving of the administration’s Refugee Resettlement Project. Though Berkeley County has not been identified officially as a likely spot for refugees, there have been efforts to use Spartanburg County not far away. In September, the Spartanburg county council declined to pass a resolution disapproving of the effort.

However, Berkeley is not the first county in South Carolina to take this step. Pickens County passed a similar resolution in October, and Greenville County will consider it later in November.

“I don’t know what they anticipate in South Carolina,” said state Sen. Lee Bright. “They haven’t brought any Syrians in yet, but it’s one of those things where, once they’re here, it’s a little late. I’ve been hearing about a lot of grassroots movements opposing this and I hope that continues.”

Naturally, there are the dissenters. Caldwell Pickney, a Democrat on the Berkeley Council, said he was in favor of the resettlement project. “It’s a people thing,” he said. “Anytime it’s possible to do good, we should. I had initial concerns and I don’t know how comfortable I feel now, but due to all that’s been happening in the past, it gives me the confidence to think we did the right thing.”

Oh see there? If you were looking for a good reason to support bringing Muslims of unknown background into your community, there it is. All the stuff “that’s been happening in the past.” Cool. Those words should give us comfort when we have to deal with what’s “coming in the future.”

Now, these resolutions are hardly binding, but sources in the State Department have indicated they aren’t going to release these refugees into communities where they aren’t wanted. So even though these council resolutions won’t exactly stop Obama, they could give your neighborhood a temporary stay of execution.

Why not let these Syrians go live on the campus of UC Berkeley, instead? If every liberal academic whose heart bleeds for these refugees would take in just one of them, the crisis would be solved. Hmm, not too many takers, eh?

Well, that’s America’s liberals for you. They’re more than happy to use your paycheck to help the world’s poor and to endanger your community to play hero, but don’t come sniffing around their door. They’re too busy studying the root causes of evil in America (Christianity, white people, men) to actually lend a hand.