With the possible exception of conservative author Ann Coulter, no one is better at riling up liberals than Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Fiercely opposed to political correctness, Trump has built his campaign on controversy after controversy. Each time the pundits think he’s finally gone too far, his poll numbers go up. It’s gotten to the point where most of the cautious media personalities no longer bother to predict his downfall. It’s still coming, they assure us, but they don’t have any idea when or how.

Trump’s latest un-PC jab comes as a result of his chief Republican rival, former Florida governor Jeb Bush. Bush, who has grown increasingly pointed in his attacks on frontrunner Trump, said in a recent speech: “El hombre no es conservador,” which translates to, “The man is not conservative.” Instead of directly defending himself against this contention – one that has plagued him since the start of his campaign, Trump turned the tables on Bush.

“He should really set the example by speaking English while in the United States,” Trump said.

This drew an immediate backlash from pro-immigration group La Raza. Spokesperson Lisa Navarerette said, “Every time Donald Trump opens his mouth he widens the gulf between the Republican Party and Latino voters. Today is no exception.”

Perhaps, but it’s hard to imagine there’s anything Trump could say at this point to win those voters over. They were lost from the moment he began his campaign with some of the harshest language on illegal immigration that an American politician has ever used. Besides, it’s not as if Hispanic voters make up a significant chunk of the Republican base in the first place. Democrats have fought long and hard to solidify themselves as the party of immigration, and that’s a tough platform to beat.

But…should it be?

Hispanic-Americans (not illegals, but actual citizens) have every reason to embrace the Republican Party. Not only are there two Hispanics in the presidential race (and one with a Hispanic spouse), but fiscal conservatism is the answer to what ails poor Latino communities. Social conservatism is not rare in these communities, either; Catholicism dominates, and there are many pro-life Hispanics who must cringe at the Democratic support of an organization like Planned Parenthood.

Unfortunately, Republicans aren’t smart enough to use these advantages to bolster the numbers. Instead, they are taking the cheap route by playing Democrat-lite politics. Well, we certainly oppose Obama’s amnesty…but…uh…yeah, we’d do something like that…just different…um. No one’s inspired by Bush’s “path to citizenship, but not” policy promises. It turns off anti-immigration conservatives, and it certainly doesn’t win over any Hispanics who like Obama. It turns Bush into the perfect candidate for absolutely no one, which is largely reflected in the polls.

Speak English? Yeah, that would be nice. But if you can’t manage that, at least start speaking some sense.