Special Forces Soldier Claims She Was Abandoned by UK

(TotalConservative.com) – A female Afghan soldier who was trained as special forces by the British military in Afghanistan had her application to resettle in the UK rejected recently. “Zahab” is a mother of four who doesn’t use her real name for fear of retaliation. She fled Afghanistan to temporarily and illegally reside in Turkey while her application was being processed. After the denial, she’s uncertain what her future holds.

She applied for resettlement to the UK in October 2021, going through the process for anyone who worked for or with the British armed forces. She worked in Commando Force 333 which was a special elite unit of Afghan soldiers trained and armed by the British military.

She said she felt betrayed by the government she had served under and lamented how many were left behind when they decided to pull out.

Former defence attaché Colonel Simon Diggins served in Kabul and said the government should reconsider her case suggesting that the Taliban’s misogyny and her service were sufficient reasons to grant the request for relocation. He expressed his disappointment that she wasn’t approved.

The story comes after an investigation from Sky News and Lighthouse Reports revealed dozens of former British-trained collaborators have been tortured and killed since the Taliban retook the reins of power in August 2021.

The failure to successfully extract and relocate the Afghans who worked with the government is a violation of their own practices and standing policies. There’s a special carve out for Afghans who worked with the military, which suggests Zahab should have been eligible for resettlement.

Zahab and other fighters like her worked side by side with British troops, sharing barracks, bases, and missions. Veterans Minister Johnny Mercer said the government is working on “re-engaging” the applications of these individuals to ensure they’re properly taken care of. Unfortunately, that won’t help individuals already killed by the Taliban.

Women filled a particular role in that they were required to enter homes and culturally interact with locals. It was an incredibly risky and difficult job.

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