At Stanford University, members of a conservative club noticed something suspiciously absent from the school’s curriculum. There was no Western civilization requirement. Tomorrow’s leaders in business, technology, and politics were graduating with very little knowledge of American history, the norms and cultures of the west, or even the foundational ideas that forged the country. They proposed a ballot initiative that would restore a Western Civ course requirement for freshmen.

Naturally, this proposal inspired immediate outrage from campus liberals. One student wrote a scathing op-ed in the Stanford Daily that inadvertently demonstrates why the course is needed. In it, the student claims that what the school needs is not more Western civilization education, but less.

“In an introductory food systems class discussion on genetically modified organisms during Week 9 of the quarter, a student asked what ‘colonialism’ actually meant, and the professor shrugged and looked at me for a response,” they write.

That’s…pretty thin. What else ya got?

“In her first lecture of the macroeconomics section of Econ 1, the professor rhetorically asked why Africa — yes, Africa — was so poor, and answered by saying because it has a low GDP,” they write. “While true in the most technical of senses, the failure to mention colonialism, occupation and capitalism as driving forces in the creation of poverty, as well as the diverse nature of economies in Africa, reveals that her intention was not to drive us to think critically, but to spoon-feed us platitudes from the Western colonial canon.”

Hmm, is there any chance that her intention was actually to teach you about macroeconomics? Putting the ugly worldview of these liberals aside for a moment, their obsession with these perceived injustices is really quite ridiculous. They’re addicted to their outrage, and they look far and wide to find their drug.

“A Western Civ requirement would necessitate that our education be centered on upholding white supremacy, capitalism and colonialism, and all other oppressive systems that flow from Western civilizations; that our education be framed as a tool to carrying out our burden to reform the rest of the world in our own, imperfect, acutely deplorable image,” they conclude.

Can you imagine having to go through life with that kind of mindset?

Well, misery must love company, because the Stanford student body wholeheartedly agrees. They shot the initiative down 1992 to 342.

How many of them had to wash their hands after taking part in the deplorable western custom of voting?