Starbucks went woke and now its business is suffering in big liberal-run cities due to rampant crime and squalor. The coffeehouse chain is reportedly closing over a dozen stores in various woke cities, all in blue states.

Daily Mail reported (July 12, 2022) that Starbucks announced on Monday the planned closure of 16 of its stores across the country, all in left-leaning cities in the blue states of California. Pennsylvania, Oregon, and Washington. The reason for closing these stores is the inability of the business to cope with the high incidence of crime along with the unhygienic and unsafe conditions that affect the stores in these locations. The paper wrote about the stores:

All have seen an influx of crime – with many attributing the rise to a recent wave of ‘woke’ policies implemented by progressive politicians.

The problems encountered by Starbucks cafes range from criminal assaults to abuse of the open bathroom policy of the business, which has turned the lavatories into dumps for vagrants and homeless people that abound in these areas.

Conservative news site Townhall published the full list of the 16 Starbucks stores slated for closure. These include 5 in Seattle (WA), 3 in Los Angeles (CA), 2 in Portland (OR), one in Santa Monica (CA), one in West Hollywood (CA), one in Hollywood (CA), one in Philadelphia (PA), one in Everett (WA), and one in D.C., which is just a few blocks from the U.S. Capitol Building. The publication reminded that Jazz Shaw had predicated back in 2018, when Starbucks announced its open bathroom policy, that they are “about to woke their way out of business.”

The cities where Starbucks is seeing the closure of its stories have been known for years for lawlessness tolerated and directly encouraged, even rewarded by the Democrat administrations. From unchecked influx and movement of illegal aliens to hesitance to prosecute criminals and early release or just a slap on the wrist for those prosecuted have turned all these big blue cities into dens of crime. Violent mobs of ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter that work as street gangs for Democrats in these cities remain a constant threat to the safety of individuals and businesses, including even woke ones like Starbucks.

The Gateway Pundit cited (July 13, 2022) the interim CEO of Starbucks Howard Schultz telling that the company was rethinking its open bathroom policy due to safety concerns. The story included a tweet by RNC Research summing up the worries of Starbucks causing its stores closures: “Crime, assaults, thefts, [and] drug use.”

In 2020 and onward, the leftist political side of Starbucks made many headlines. The Daily Wire reported in May 2021 that the company was receiving such strong backlash on social media from conservatives over its support of BLM and its anti-law enforcement position that it was considering leaving Facebook. Now, political karma has returned to kick Starbucks under its financial belt, and leave visible scars of embarrassment.