Starbucks India Transgender Ad Campaign Rejected By Consumers

( – Starbucks is taking flak from Indian consumers after they released a new ad campaign focusing on transgender acceptance in the Hindu-dominant nation. Indian coffee drinkers found the infusion of adult bedroom behaviors and gender-bending and odd pairing with their caffeinated brews.

The new advertisement features an Indian family meeting for coffee. Dad is clearly upset by the transition of his adult male child who enters the coffee shop with long hair, makeup, and wearing a dress. After some brief words, Dad offers coffee, and when the order is ready the barista announces “Three coffees for Arpita,” the female version of the man’s name, Arpit. “Only a letter has been added to your name,” Dad says to gentle female vocals and soothing guitar. The hashtag #ItStartsWithYourName reminds customers that Starbucks will respect your pronouns.

It’s not the first time the woke coffee brand has attempted to politicize and ideologically nudge its customer base. A disastrous campaign in 2015 encouraged baristas to write “race together” as several controversial deaths began to flood social media including Michael Brown and Eric Garner. The idea was to use the comments on coffee cups to encourage baristas and customers to talk about race relations. After a few weeks, the plan was abandoned due to it being radically unpopular with consumers who just wanted their morning cup of Joe without leftism.

In response to their latest campaign to indoctrinate Indians, many users flat out declared they’ll never buy their product again and managed to get “Boycott Starbucks” to trend on the social media platform.

“Huge dent in brand,” “big time woke,” and “take this down,” were just a few of the irate comments in the replies section to the advertisement.

One commenter suggested that this kind of ideology only resonated with 10% of the Indian population and that would be their customer base going forward if they continued to push this ideology in India. A few comments were in support of the ad, but they were clearly in the minority.

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