At least we know that there is one state in the nation that believes it might be a good idea to actually make sure our streets are free from illegal immigrants. In North Carolina, they see the damage that illegal immigration is doing to the country. They see the ways that it harms the economy. They see how it is a threat to public safety. And maybe they even see that it is taking a toll on the very foundation of our democracy.

There, Governor Pat McCrory has done what our representatives in Congress cannot do. He has signed into law a new bill that will ban any N.C. cities from hiding illegal immigrants from federal agents. The Protect N.C. Workers Act will make it illegal for sanctuary cities to exist in the Tarheel State.

“We cannot allow our local officials in towns and cities in North Carolina to make up their own rules that conflict with our nation’s laws and our nation’s values,” the governor said.

That seems like the kind of statement that would be a big “duh” but that’s not the world we live in now. We’ve strayed so far from common sense that governors are now forced to sign bills requiring cities and municipalities to, um, actually obey the law. And that should be a pretty good sign that something is very wrong.

Right now, there are about 340 sanctuary cities in the U.S. These cities have policies that prevent local officials from cooperating with federal immigration authorities. They seem to think that it would harm efforts to effectively police their jurisdictions. Because illegal immigrants won’t talk to the cops if they think they’re going to be turned over to ICE. It would be great to get a survey that bears this thought out, though. Something tells me that most illegals are not going to believe in any way that they can be open with law enforcement just because of this sanctuary city thing. In fact, it’s actually idiotic to believe anything of the like.

What other federal laws can cities feel free to ignore? Can they harbor other species of criminals from prosecution? Can cities with large Muslim populations refuse to cooperate with terrorism officials? We’re not talking about pot laws here. We’re talking about the security of this nation, and there’s simply no excuse for any of these cities to exist in any fashion. It’s actually shocking that they do.

This is how you handle it. You take action. You make laws. You actually address the problem and you take steps to solve it. It’s very simple, but it requires ignoring all of that liberal nonsense about how it’s inhumane and evil to send illegal immigrants out of the country. And that’s apparently something very few Republicans have the spine to do. It’s too bad. They’re not gaining any ground with Hispanics with this backwards approach. They’re only hurrying the demise of this beautiful country.