Stein Takes Aim at Biden As She Announces Presidential Bid

( – Environmental activist Jill Stein has seemingly not given up on her presidential aspirations, recently announcing that she will rise to challenge the status quo and run as president under the Green Party.

Calling the political system America has now “broken,” the 73-year-old environmentalist said that her candidacy offers a “choice” for voters who are fed up with the failed two-party system.” She also says that both Republicans and Democrats are a “danger to our democracy,” as she accused both groups of being a party to “criminalizing protests,” “expanding censorship,” and rigging the primaries.

Liberals and progressives have “betrayed their promises for working people,” she claims, and said that conservatives don’t even bother to make any similar promises to begin with.

Despite her running outside of the usual two-party system, Stein has ostensibly adopted the position of many progressives that criticize Israel for its retaliatory actions in the Gaza strip. She said that President Joe Biden is “complicit” in the genocide against Palestinians in Gaza, and has called for an investigation into Israel’s “war crimes” as it continues to “massacre” Palestinians.

Stein marks the latest entry in to the ranks of Independent candidates who say they will seek the presidency of the United States through means outside the normal and traditional methods. She will be up against Cornel West, a progressive professor and activist, as well as Robert F. Kennedy Jr., an anti-vaxxer and conspiracy theorist. Observers from both liberals and conservatives have expressed concerns that the increase in independent candidates may very well draw people away voting either Democrat or Republican – which would further complicate a presidential election already expected to be very, very tight.

Stein first ran for president – and failed – in 2012. She attempted to run again in 2016 under the Green Party and managed to secure only 1% of votes from around the country. Some political analysts have surmised that her decision to run as an independent may have contributed to the loss of Hilary Clinton to former president Donald Trump.

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