Student Suing Women’s Orgs For Defamation After Acquittal

( – A former student from Yale University is suing multiple women’s organizations, as well as his accuser, and his former university after being exonerated of rape allegations.

Saifullah Khan was accused of rape by an unnamed accuser, and without conviction, Yale expelled him. He was cleared of wrongdoing by an acquittal in 2018, and is now suing organizations who filed an amicus brief with the court during his other lawsuits, saying the brief is defamatory.

The lawsuit against the organizations stems from “several false and defamatory statements” made in the brief which the author presented as factual despite the record suggesting otherwise. For example, the opening statement said plainly that Khan raped the defendant. No qualification like allegedly was added. The brief called Khan her “rapist” and then claimed he engaged in retaliatory lawfare, painting her as if she was a victim.

The brief even overtly called the unnamed accuser the “victim” despite there being no criminal conviction and thus no crime. They also contradicted the record by claiming the victim was raped in a footnote.

Connecticut’s Supreme Court rejected the brief, but allowed them to refile, suggesting that any incorrect factual statements be “shorn” off. The refiling changed very little while adding in ambiguous language while continuing to state lines like the “plaintiff sexually assaulted her.” Khan highlighted that the original brief is permanently available online.

Khan additionally brough an ethics complaint against the authoring lawyer, Jennifer Becker. In her response, Becker acknowledges that her language was “over-zealous” and highlighted that her use of the word “rape” failed to qualify it as an allegation. Becker suggested that the court-ordered refiling abates any potential harm to Khan’s reputation.

While some have attempted to imply that Khan was guilty regardless of the verdict, jurors on the case have publicly suggested otherwise. Elise Weiner was an alternate juror who witnessed the trial and saw all the evidence. She said that his acquittal was appropriate and added that the case should have never been brought by prosecutors.

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