Students Banned From Changing Gender Without Parental Consent – Schools in the United Kingdom will now be legally forbidden from allowing students to socially transition into a new “gender identity” without informing the parents or parental consent.

A new government policy in the UK will ban using preferred pronouns in schools and will also bar trans-identifying students from playing on sports teams corresponding with their stated gender identity unless parents consent to it.

The new UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who is also head of the Conservative Party, expressed concern earlier in the year about a report which showed that when a student is confused about or questioning their gender, some teachers and school administrators were not informing parents of these developments. In March, he vowed to issue new guidance on how school officials should deal with these matters.

Sunak said that his “top priority” is “the well-being and safety of children.” He also said it’s important “to recognize that any degree of social transition” may result in an “impact and consequences” for children that are quite significant. He emphasized that having the “right safeguards” in place is “vital.”

The point of the new guidance is to keep parents in the loop. It advises teachers to inform parents if their child begins to question their gender even if the child objects, and requires school staff to obtain permission from parents in order to acknowledge a student’s “gender identity” as well as to use their “preferred pronouns.” If the parents do not approve or agree, teachers and school officials must disregard the student’s wish to transition.

The issue of gender ideology is one that is having an impact throughout the West, especially in places like Canada and New Zealand. The U.S. is also divided on this issue, with Republican states beginning to crack down with legislation while Democrat-run states consider transitioning minors to be the proper medical practice, what they call “gender-affirming care.”

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