Students Hold SCOTUS and GOP Responsible For Unfulfilled Debt Relief

( – A new poll shows that college students and recent graduates are putting the blame on Republicans and the Supreme Court for shooting down President Biden’s plan to forgive student loan debt across the country.

The recent poll by Generation Lab surveyed 783 recent graduates and current college students around the US. The survey showed that 47% of students feel the Supreme Court is to blame for Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan being struck down. Second place for blame went to the Republican Party as a whole with 38% putting the blame on the GOP. 10% blamed Biden himself, and 4% put the blame on Democrats.

At the end of June, the court ruled against the president’s plan to forgive up to $20,000 for millions of Americans. Republicans overwhelmingly praised the Supreme Court decision, arguing that taxpayers should not be footing the bill for personal financial choices made by other citizens. The $400 billion relief plan would have provided debt forgiveness for over 40 million Americans who borrowed money to attend college.

The students and recent graduates were also asked if they were even aware of the decision; 23% were not aware of it while 77% were. Respondents were also asked if they agreed with the Supreme Court’s decision, with only 17% agreeing it was the right move while 61% disagreed.

Biden himself is, of course, trying to keep attention on Republicans as much as possible after the GOP-majority Supreme Court threw sand in the gears of fulfilling his 2020 campaign promise. Many who voted for him feel let down.

Biden was asked if he fooled voters who borrowed money into thinking they would be helped, to which Biden says he “didn’t give false hope.” He accused the Republican Party of snatching away “the hope” the president gave them. His administration also introduced a new plan immediately after the Supreme Court ruling, which is still being negotiated, and recently forgave debt for over 800,000 borrowers to assuage some of the disappointment.

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