Pro-immigration activists have used every trick in the book to make it seem as though immigration forms some kind of American economic backbone, but a new study shows that immigrants of both the legal and illegal varieties are actually a drain on the nation’s public safety net.

The Center for Immigration Studies released a report Wednesday with some discouraging statistics for anyone who supports an open-borders policy. Using numbers from the Census Bureau, the study found that 51% of immigrant households were using some form of welfare. This is far higher than the native-born rate, which stands at 30%, and it includes Medicaid benefits, food stamps, reduced-price school lunches, and housing assistance. For immigrant households with children, that figure goes up to a stunning 76%.

“This should not be understood as some kind of defect or moral failing on the part of immigrants,” said study author Steven Camarota. “Rather, what it represents is a system that allows a lot of less-educated immigrants to settle in the country, who then earn modest wages and are eligible for a very generous welfare system.”

According to the study, the majority of welfare-dependent immigrants come from Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Immigrants with lower rates of dependency tend to come from Asia and Europe. The study does point out, however, that welfare dependency shrinks among immigrants who have been in the United States for more than 20 years. Even still, their rate exceeds that of the native-born population.

Thanks to President Obama’s repeated attempts at amnesty, a 2014 surge of undocumented minors, and Donald Trump’s campaign focus, the subject of immigration has become a major issue in the 2016 presidential race. But while the issue is getting some much-deserved attention, there has been far too much distracting talk about terms like “anchor babies” and “illegal aliens” and far too little about the real economic consequences of an ill-secured border. This issue isn’t about America’s attitudes toward Hispanics; it’s about what happens when the moochers outnumber the producers. As demonstrated by the figures, we have enough of the former already.

Slowly but surely, the left is pushing us toward an open-borders policy. Their motives are obvious, even as they hide them inside a veneer of compassion and caring. One, Democrats hope that this issue will help them turn Hispanics into consistent, reliable Democrat voters. Two, they hope the welfare state will grow to the point where government dependency becomes a way of life for the majority of Americans. They want to fundamentally transform how this country operates, and a loose immigration policy will almost certainly give them exactly what they want.