Subscribers Flee Streaming Services, Woke Content Blamed

( – Streaming services’ initial appeal was in their affordability and quality hit shows. With many people having cable bills in excess of $200/month, services like Netflix offered a cheap alternative with favorites like Stranger Things.

As services increased in popularity, so has their pricing. Netflix has added an “ad-supported” discounted price of $6.99, but their ad-free plans are $15.49 or $19.99 depending on how many devices you want to watch on simultaneously. The model is similar to Hulu which also has ad-subsidized discounted pricing.

One of the original appeals to Netflix was being able to share your account with friends and family, but that feature was recently removed. Now if you want to watch at another location, you have to pay an extra $7.99 per non-home slot.

Netflix has also taken flak for shows like Big Mouth, a cartoon that portrays hypersexual minors guided by ‘puberty monsters’ that encourage lusty adult pursuits. French-made “Cuties” displayed 12-year-old girls dancing so provocatively that Texans are pursuing criminal charges against Netflix. Others have suggested the film meets the legal definition of child abuse material.

Netflix’s financial prospects haven’t been doing well. Things are actually so bad that one Twitter account showed how their stock value dipped $18 billion in one day.

One TikToker examined the collapse of Bud Light after partnering with Dylan Mulvaney and showed how companies pushing extreme ideologies that automatically alienate half the population tend to suffer financially as a result.

Colloquially, internet users have called the phenomenon “get woke, go broke.” Netflix and Bud Light only represent two brands out of a hundred that have been financially harmed by their promotion of radical leftist ideologies, particularly when it comes to gender and sexuality. Sabrina The Teenage Witch is another Netflix property that has been accused of popularizing Satanism by conservatives.

Despite multiple examples of large companies suffering incredible financial losses over their promotion of radical leftist ideology, many brands continue to engage in the practice.

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