Subway Chokehold Witness Comes Forward In Penny’s Defense

( – A new witness to the Manhattan subway incident resulting in Jordan Neely’s death has come forward in defense of Daniel Penny, the Marine charged with manslaughter.

On May 1, Neely was reportedly harassing straphangers on the Manhattan F Train subway, screaming and threatening violence, when he was put into a chokehold by Penny who subdued him with the help of two other passengers. Neely was later pronounced dead at the hospital. The death was ruled a homicide, but Penny was not arrested. On May 12, Penny was charged with second-degree manslaughter and then turned himself in. He was released on $100 thousand bail.

The incident was plastered all over the headlines and protests soon followed. During one of these protests, demonstrators jumped onto the subway tracks and blocked a Q Train leading to multiple arrests.

Now a new witness is coming forward to defend Penny’s actions. The woman, who’s in her 60’s, remains anonymous, and describes herself as a “woman of color,” describes Penny as a “hero.” According to the witness, she was reading her book on the subway when she heard Neely begin to scream that he “doesn’t care” if he has to kill someone, and that he was willing to “go to jail” or “take a bullet.”

She said the people on that train were “scared for their lives” and that it wasn’t until such rhetoric was used that Penny stepped in, waiting until the last minute. She said Penny’s actions were in “self-defense” and reflected someone who cares about protecting people.

The witness also dismissed the notion that racism had anything to do with the incident, stating that people “of all colors” were afraid and Penny stepped in to help them. She also said the race narrative was being used to divide people.

Many seem to not be buying into the division, as indicated by the amount of money donated to Penny’s legal defense fund.

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