Too far, too fast. After years of successfully changing hearts and minds on gay marriage, liberal America rushed through the final stages of their LGBT culture war. Instead of letting democracy take its course, they took a shortcut to the endzone: the Supreme Court. And they may have done irrevocable damage to their own cause in the process.

According to a new Associated Press poll, fewer Americans support gay marriage today than in April. Only 42 percent of Americans are in favor of same-sex marriage, compared to 48 percent earlier this year. Furthermore, the Obergefell decision has forced many to reevaluate their stance on LGBT issues. When there is a conflict between gay marriage and religious freedom, 56 percent of the country thinks religious freedom should win out. More Americans than not think local officials should be able to opt-out of issuing gay marriage licenses, and 59 percent of the population thinks businesses should be allowed to refuse to bake gay wedding cakes and the like.

For liberals who hoped that the Supreme Court decision would finally unite America under one big rainbow flag, the poll has to come as a dose of harsh reality. But this is a disaster of their own doing. This clearly unconstitutional decision came as a shock to Americans who thought we were still living in a democracy. Watching the country slowly embrace a twisted set of values is one thing; watching those values codified into law by five unelected judges is another thing entirely. If the left had just waited another ten years, popular sentiment would have given them everything they wanted. Their impatience could be their undoing.

Rolling Back the Tide

Unfortunately, it’s tough to imagine gay marriage support dwindling to the point where things go back to the way they were. Our culture has been hijacked by three or four small concentrations of the population. The values of New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Capitol Hill have become the values of America. Conservatives have lost their voice in mainstream politics. The Republican Party pays lip service to the base, but they are politically impotent.

The truth is, something like the definition of marriage should not even be up for a vote. Religious liberty should not be subject to the whims of the day. Holding a referendum on these subjects would be bad enough, but the left didn’t even bother doing that. They simply decided. And now they say you’re a bad person if you don’t agree.

They are losing the goodwill they’ve built over the last thirty years, but what difference does it make if majority opinion no longer matters? Why bother proselytizing when you can simply command?