Support Your Cause by Aligning with a Political Party

( – A great way you can get involved in politics is to join a political party. Everyone has likely heard of the Republicans and Democrats, but there are several other parties to choose from.

Republicans tend to be conservative. That is, they want to conserve or maintain the status quo and typically favor small government, fewer taxes, and strict interpretations of the Constitution. Democrats tend to be liberal, that is they prefer more government interventions over less and are more likely to approve spending than Republicans.

You can get involved by volunteering at your local party office. Major cities tend to have them and they need help! If that seems a little too daunting due to the distance involved, there’s plenty of armchair activism you can do from home. They need help broadcasting bulletins, writing advertisements, and generating content that favors their policy agenda items.

Another common way you can get involved is to canvas your district. Feel strongly about gay rights or abortion? There are many organizations that will offer you training and help to go around town and just talk to your neighbors about the issues that matter to you.

Stanford researchers found in-person conversations could be incredibly effective at swaying viewpoints for folks who are undecided or have only a moderate preference.

You can also volunteer to work at a polling station near you. This will give you insight into the political process, and you can be an observer for either political party or a neutral worker. Additionally, helping to register new voters is another way you can help improve the democratic process. Simply run a search for “voter registration drive” with your city and state.

Lastly, inform yourself deeply on the issues that matter to you. Read up on the history, you’ll acquire new information and persuasive arguments which can both be used to educate voters while convincing them that your position deserves their support.

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